Thursday, November 02, 2006


Live By The Lie, Die By The Lie

As the Bush Junta is further discredited, so are the people in the media most closely associated with it:

Fox News’s total audience fell 24 percent in the past year, to 1.3 million viewers from 1.7 million, and its key primetime audience, viewers ages 25-54, was down 7 percent in October on a year-to-year basis, to an average 363,000 viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research data.
And Fox can't just claim that the cable news industry as a whole is suffering: Fox is nosediving even as other cable news outlets are losing far fewer viewers (CNN) or actually going up substantially (MSNBC, Headline News). Fox is still the ratings leader. But it may not be for much longer if these trends keep up.

The worst thing that can happen to Fox, or to the media in general, is for people to start realizing that they're Pravda.

They'll start casting about for the samizdat, and we know who that is now, right?
FOX is the voice of the Republican Party so this doesn't look good for them. I'd love to deport Murdoch on any grounds necessary, after stripping him of citizenship. He's an undesireable if ever there was one.

It should be an absolute rule on the left, anyone who works for FOX is slimed for life. I'm not forgetting and I'm not going to overlook it. If there is one thing our oligarches have taught us, they'll never stop their crimes unless they have a real threat of punishment when caught.
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