Friday, November 17, 2006


Mexico, November 18th

Again, just a few fragments. Even the US-sponsored media believes the recent Mexico City bombings may have been the work of the government and discounts any connection to APPO or the PRD: While only three bombs exploded, the shadowy consortium of five splinter-thin (or imaginary) guerrilla groups that took credit for the blasts announced that eight bombs had been placed at targeted Mexico City locales: two in the offices of the Federal Electoral Tribunal (TEPJF), two in the Mexico City offices of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), three in two branches of the Canadian-owned Scotiabank, and one in a Sanborns restaurant across the street from the PRI offices. Apparently, nobody was harmed by any of the explosions. It appears that whoever planted the bombs wanted principally to instill fear in the public. They also wanted, for one reason or another, to link the causes of APPO and Section 22 of the National Teachers Union (SNTE) on the one hand, and the militant Lopezobradoristas, on the other. Oaxaca´s governing PRI has become the principal antagonist of the APPO and the Teachers Union, while the TEPJF has been the main target of López Obrador´s complaints of a stolen election. The APPO immediately denounced and distanced itself from the bombings. The group has nothing to gain from an act of terrorism and, in fact, has done a creditable job at keeping the fringes of its own acts of civil disobedience relatively non-violent. The last thing a democratic, popular movement like APPO needs is a clandestine network of bombers. ...The old-time PRI, even stripped of real state power, has not been above such tactics in the recent past. We need only remember the last shots of slain photographer Brad Will, those of gunmen hired by the local PRI confronting protestors — and reporters — in Oaxaca City. Acapulco might not be a great vacation destination either, unless you're in basic training. A grenade was tossed into a home there. More on the assassination of José Manuel Nava: He was the last top administrator and editor of the Excelsior newspaper when it was still being run as a cooperative, was found in his living room covered in blood by a cleaning lady who entered his apartment around 9 a.m. local time, the district attorney´s office said in a news release.Nava had two visible puncture wounds on his neck and thorax....The newspaper was sold in January 2006 to radio station owners Grupo Imagen.Just last week, Nava presented a book in which he blamed government officials, newspaper employees, the business community - and even President Vicente Fox´s administration - for contributing to the newspaper cooperative´s downfall. The paper was sold earlier this year.Nava´s editor, Octavio Colminares, of the publishing company Libros Para Todos, or Books For All, told The Associated Press the book ..." unmasked people that in daily life appear to be very honest and good and in reality are terrible; they are completely the opposite." Amy Goodman reports that In Mexico, leaders of the popular uprising in the state of Oaxaca are lashing out at government claims their members were responsible for the fatal shooting of American journalist Brad Will. Will was shot and killed in Oaxaca three weeks ago today. His assailants have been identified as local police officers and government officials. The Oaxacan state government is claiming Will was shot at close range by members of the Popular Assembly of Oaxacan People, or APPO. On Thursday, APPO spokesperson Florencio Lopez Martinez denied the charges and accused Oaxaca’s governor and other officials of backing the crime. Ballistics, please. From what I can tell, no one is buying the allegations by Ulises Ruiz Ortiz's AG except very loyal members of the PRI.
What's so very interesting about all this, to me:

1) The GOP/Media Complex came down on the side of the PAN/PRI Complex very early on. Thus:

2) If Calderon and PAN/PRI had really won out cleanly and clearly over Lopez Obrador, and Calderon was able to peacably take power, it would have been all over the US press by now. Instead, the US media is ignoring what's happening south of the border. Thus:

3) Control of Mexico really is up for grabs at this point. And there are some powerful interests that don't want this fact publicized.
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