Friday, November 03, 2006


Mexico, November 3

A death squad with high power rifles was reported to have fired weapons near the university radio. They supposedly tried to blow a hole in the wall using explosives. Rocks and Molotov cocktails v. tear gas and water cannons in Oaxaca Image by Blanca Hernandez from La Jornada There was fighting between the PFP and university students, leaving 70 people injured, including three reporters and ten police. Lots of people got swept up in the arrests, including a guy who claimed to be a local drunk and an Indian who had come in from his rancho But most of the injured were students. The police supposedly were just trying to clear up traffic on University Ave and the Cinco SeƱores, but presumed PRIistas and state police were there to stir up trouble. From what Adela Micha showed, it didn't look like they had to work very hard at it. The PFP have been requested by the rector to stay away after they invaded the University on first arrival, apparently with the primary goal of shutting down the radio station. They also did thingsthat create a sense of confrontation like spray water over the walls. According to a journalist on the scene, what triggered the confrontation was the cops throwing tear gas over the walls. But the students are hardly playing Gandhi. If the police had not had water cannon to extinguish the fire of the Molotov cocktails, it could have been very ugly. A major march is planned for Sunday And as for the murder of Bradley Will, it appears that only two have been detained-- or maybe none, since yesterday officials said that all were free and, since then, there has been nothing definite.
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