Saturday, November 04, 2006


Mexico, November 4th

(Image by El Fisgon from La Jornada Highly recommended for Spanish speakers, an interview with a correspondent of El Universal, in which he says that almost a BILLION DOLLARS intended for the poor of Oaxaca has been stolen, and probably converted to political campaigns of the PRI. [Correction: Luengas says "noventa y dos mil millones de pesos, equivalente a cien mil milliones de dolares." So, somebody's math is screwy, including mine.] Although only an investigation can establish for sure whether this is correct, it looks pretty damning. The occupation of Oaxaca has at last forced the PRD off the fence. The Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) said it would join the protesters in a demonstration planned for Sunday in Oaxaca City and would have its followers form human chains around federal police detachments entering the city that day.The party previously kept its distance from the Oaxaca protest movement - the Oaxaca PeopleĀ“s Assembly (APPO), a coalition of grassroots and leftist protesters calling for the resignation of Gov. Ulises Ruiz. This has the effect of formally nationalizing the conflict, not that that had not already occurred informally. High school students in Tixtla, Chilpancingo took over a radio station in support of the Oaxaca demonstrators. Lopez Obrador presented his shadow cabinet, but promised that it would be one of bright light.
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