Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Not Good Enough

The Associated Press reports that former House Speaker Dennis Hastert has announced he won't seek a Republican leadership position. Denny, when the Republicans lost seats in the 1998 election, House Speaker Newt Gingrich accepted responsibility by resigning his seat. And the Democrats didn't even get a majority in that election. I'm just sayin'.

This post can not stand. Newt Gingrich never did the decent thing in his life. After the 1998 results some Republicans formed an "anybody but Newt" pact and swore they'd vote for the Democrat (Gephardt) if Newt tried to hold on to the Speakership.

Gingrich was unwilling to serve as a lowly Representative once it was apparent he could no longer be Speaker. (It so happens, the pension and benefit package for a former Speaker is pretty generous and as an ex-House member you can take advantage of income opportunities unavailable to sitting Representatives.)
I'm with CMike that Gingrich hasn't done a single decent thing known to the public record.

However, I tend to think it was an incipient bimbo eruption rather than a mutiny by his colleagues that led to his stepping down. It really would have distracted from the Senate trial of Clinton if it had become known that Callista had been blowing Newt in his office.
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