Monday, November 13, 2006


One Has Her Back. The Other's Sticking Knives Into It.

There's much discussion now over who should be Nancy Pelosi's majority leader in the House. The corporatists and old-boy folk favor Steny Hoyer, a guy who has spent the past few decades opposing everything Pelosi does. Pelosi's choice is John Murtha, who while he differs from her ideologically has been one of her strongest backers. The short version: Murtha's got her back, while Hoyer's sticking knives into it. There's been some hoo-ha, spread by the Hoyer camp, about Murtha's alleged "ethics problems". Here's the skinny on that, as noted by Kossack Kredwyn: Jack Murtha's 'ethical problems' are that he talked to someone about talking to someone during a meeting in which the 'sting' offered money in return for political favors to a non-existent sheik -- and then rejected the illegal offer before suggesting legal avenues that could be taken? Hello?!?! That's like saying that Harry Reid has ethical problems because he's on tape rejecting a bribe!

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