Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Proof The Republicans Are Desperate, #9034750439

Heh! The Republicans are flailing away if they actually think Smilin' Tim's Presidential timber. His main qualification is making sure Peter Hutchinson and the Greenies took away enough votes from a weak Democratic candidate to keep Timmy in the governor's mansion -- and even then he still barely survived. But he must be seriously considering it, as he's doing what one would expect of a conservative Bush Republican now anxious to put serious daylight between himself and Mister Thirty-One Percent: He's taking a page from Schwarzenegger's book and suddenly acting like a Democrat, doing an about-face on a state health care program that he'd opposed tooth and nail up until the Democratic tsunami of last week left him an unmistakable message. And now I've just heard that Tommy Thompson's throwing his hat in the ring, too. Though if he's planning to do a Pawlenty-like distancing of himself from George W. Bush and all his works, Tommy T'd better hope nobody brings up the fact that he chaired the drafting of the 2000 GOP platform, the one Bush ran on.

I think it'll do more damage if somebody brings up the rumors that Tommy Thompson shared the governor's mansion with his girlfriend while his wife and kids lived in the hometown.
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