Sunday, November 19, 2006


Republican Family Values

This quote by Grover Norquist won't ever make the network evening news -- the only reason I know about it is because of the folks at Huffington Post, who in turn found it in the UK's Financial Times -- but it really deserves a wider audience:

Mr Rove may have put too much faith in historical political facts, such as that incumbents tend not to be defeated, with 97.5 per cent getting reelected since 1996, and that there were fewer open races small, with only 20 open seats, less than the Democrats faced in 1994. A week before the election he confidently predicted keeping the House and Senate, yet that may have been driven by bravado not belief. Although some glitz has come off Mr Rove, Republicans have been more eager to blame botched campaigns and individual ethics scandals. "Bob Sherwood's seat [in Pennsylvania] would have been overwhelmingly ours, if his mistress hadn't whined about being throttled," said Mr Norquist. Any lessons from the campaign? "Yes. The lesson should be, don't throttle mistresses."
Actually, the lesson should be "Don't throttle mistresses, don't throttle infrastructure, and never get involved in a land war in Asia." But that might be too much for them to memorize all at once.

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