Wednesday, November 22, 2006


So Much For Advancing The Conservative Agenda Locally!

Way to go, local conservative bloggers and hate-radio goons! You wanted the scalp of Chris Stewart, a guy who dared go after your beloved Aryan Tammy Lee, the 'good cop' to Alan Fine's smear-slinging 'bad cop', for being racist. And it looks like you may have succeeded in getting that scalp. Good for you! But here's the irony: As anyone who actually read American Hot Sausage or Stewart's CityPages interview knows, the guy is as conservative as they come: Anti-gay, anti-government-bureaucracy, anti-feminist, the works. All he needed to be your dreamboat was a Republican registration and a much lighter skin -- the only reason he went with the DFL was because he knew he'd never get on the school board as a Republican or even an Indie. So long as he's on the school board, y'all actually have someone who's ready, willing and able to advance the GOP agenda under a false flag on the Minneapolis school board. But when he goes, his replacement will be a typical DFL urban liberal -- or worse yet someone like Green Party candidate Doug Mann, who is even more of a lefty. You know -- just the sort of person y'all hate with a passion. Thanks, guys! (Oh, and thanks for knocking off anti-choicer Dean Johnson in the Senate, too. We replaced him with a few populists and classic DFL liberals. Nice job!)

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