Sunday, November 19, 2006


So Strange

You'd think that the Republican neo-Nazi troll who was banned from posting here would have really benefitted from the Bush economic boom, to the point where he could afford a computer with an operating system that wasn't eight years old. But I guess that the big bennies from Bush's tax cuts to the rich didn't trickle down to the scut workers in the GOP's ranks.

Windows 98, huh.

Jeeze. Now I know he's not very bright.

Because if his hardware is that old, then, since MS dropped '98 into the memory hole some time ago. the least that he should be running is some version of Linux. At least he'd get bugfixes for that. It'll run lighter on older iron, too.

And he wouldn't have to shell out $$ for W2K. Which I like as much as anything Redmond ever shipped, but it isn't a freebie.

Betcha the poor goof never heard of web server logs, either. Or the fact that, when properly handled and preserved, they make perfectly admissible evidentiary data in court proceedings. LOL.


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