Thursday, November 09, 2006


A Tale Of Two Chairmen

One chairman, the RNC's Ken Mehlman, is the guy the national media worshipped. Less than 48 hours after the GOP's historic defeat, and shortly after being outed as gay by Bill Maher, he's unceremoniously sent packing. The other chairman, the DNC's Howard Dean, is the guy the national media despised and still despises -- and whose fifty-state strategy and insistence on confronting Bush paid off with the Democrats taking control of both houses of Congress for the first time in twelve years. Just thought you'd enjoy the juxtaposition. :-)

We lived in northern New York where cable TV provided Vermont stations so we saw Dean on the news almost nightly back then.

I was always impressed by his financial discipline and his progressive sensibilities, particularly as regards healthcare; every person 18 and under in Vermont is covered.

He's doing great things at the DNC, despite and unassisted by Rahm Emmanuel; in fact probably hindered by him.

Even better things are coming.
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