Saturday, November 18, 2006


Think Globally, Blog Locally (And Globally)

As Atrios notes, locally-oriented blogs are the next frontier and where the action is, or will be. But I still think that there's lot of unexplored or underexplored territory for bloggers to cover, especially beyond the borders of our own nations. Americans, for various reasons, tend not to think as much about other people in other countries as those people think about them. That's why I'm so glad that Charles here has a vision broad enough to include the goings-on in places like Mexico, a nation whose actions and activities are of key importance to Americans, but which -- even with the US' growing Latino population -- are all but ignored by our national corporate media and even by most blogs. When I started MR, my goal was not to be simply repeating things the big established bloggers said, but to try and focus on those things that I thought were worthy of interest, and/or were being neglected by both bloggers and the media. That will continue to be my goal -- and, much as I feel reluctant to presume to speak for Charles and MEC, I believe that's their goal, too.

I think you stated the goal of blogging well, PW.

I read widely in large measure for investment purposes. But, frankly, most of finance is pretty boring. Sometimes, a story like Mexico comes along that one can't stay away from.

Researching and blogging a topic-- and defending one's point of view-- is the best way of understanding an issue. Many times I have been just about to post something when further research proves that my interpretation is wrong.

Learning is what it's all about.
I love you all. And I bow to your depth of intellect, concern, and integrity.

It's Thanksgiving week, which is my favorite holiday, so if I seem a little melodramatic and treacly it's due to the season.

I give thanks that you all are here among us and that you are adding your strong voices to the eventually triumphant choir of caring spirits.

OK that's enough of that. Back to work for me.
Oh, stay and share an India Pale Ale, Shrimplate. And here's to your health, too.
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