Thursday, November 23, 2006


We're Number Seventeen! We're Number Seventeen!

That hive of Bolshevism, The UK's Economist magazine, has come out with its latest Index of Democracy. (HTML link here, for those who dislike PDFs.) And guess what? The US is nowhere near the top:

The reports singled out the USA (17th) and Britain's (23rd) poor results, partly to blame on measures adopted to fight terrorism. "The United States and Britain are near the bottom of the full democracy category, but for somewhat different reasons. America falls down on some aspects of governance and civil liberties. Despite low election turnouts, political participation in the United States is comparatively high," the report said. "In Britain low political participation (the lowest in the developed world) is a major problem, and to a lesser extent, for now, so are eroding civil liberties," the report said.

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