Wednesday, November 15, 2006


What Liberal Media, Indeed

Watching NBC's newscast last night was like 1998 all over again: Lisa Myers was out there bashing the Democrat that her Republican buddies obviously see as the biggest threat to them by dredging up ancient stuff in which the Democrat in question committed no actual crime. Except this time the Democrat wasn't Bill Clinton being dinged over the Whitewater Fauxgate or the Hickey-Broaddrick slander (more about which is here), it was Jack Murtha -- the guy who along with Howard Dean helped make it acceptable for Democrats and Americans in general to oppose Bush and the PNAC Platoon's invasion and occupation of Iraq -- being attacked for not taking a bribe in Abscam over a quarter of a century ago. (Hey, if Lisa Myers gets to talk about Abscam, do I get to talk about John McCain's being one of the Keating Five -- or his role in Paxson-FCC influence-peddling scandal? Being that both of those scandals are actually of more recent vintage and all.) Funny thing: The Republicans are about to put White Citizens Council (now the "Council of Conservative Citizens") member Trent Lott* back into a position of power, yet somehow all Lisa Myers (of "Free Lisa Myers" infamy) can talk about is something that happened (or rather, didn't happen) before the majority of Americans were old enough to vote. As Eric Alterman says: What Liberal Media?! *Yeah, Trent Lott denies ever being a member even though he's spoken to the group many times over the years, but his uncle and CoCC board member Arnie Watson shot that down pretty quickly. [UPDATE: By the way, Steny Hoyer, the guy the Republicans apparently want the Democrats to pick as House Majority Leader, opposes Net Neutrality. Murtha, on the other hand, backs it. That and Iraq are reasons enough to back Murtha.]

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