Tuesday, November 21, 2006


What's Good For The Ellison Is Good For The Coleman

Over at The Big Question, the StarTribune's Eric Black cites a post in Chris Cillizza's "The Fix" blog at the WaPo, in which Cillizza touts the alleged electoral prowess of Norm Coleman, without noting that Coleman, like all Republicans, benefits from the Cone of Silence the GOP/Media Complex automatically throws over all Republicans no matter how blatantly crooked. Well, if it’s OK for right-wing bloggies to pressure the local respectable media, especially the StarTribune, to dish up all manner of dirt, lies and innuendo on Keith Ellison, then maybe the Strib should stop holding back on describing the details of Norm Coleman’s private life. Let’s see if Normie can stand a tenth of what Keith had to put up with this year.

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