Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Anger, Alcoholism, Abusiveness, Authoritarianism

I wanted to do a followup on my earlier post on how the right wing seems to be infested with a certain kind of angry, hypocritical drunk. Alcoholism and deception -- not to mention selfishness -- go hand in hand, as the alcoholic decieves not only family and friends, but him/herself. And the disease has a talent for bringing out the worst in people with a tendency towards authoritarian insecurity and general abusiveness. Whenever I've run across people who continually exhibit the Three As -- Anger, Abusiveness, Authoritarianism -- I've found that Alcoholism (or other addictions/obsessions) is usually involved as well, especially when the person also shows a high tendency towards hypocrisy and deception. Bruce "Mallard Fillmore" Tinsley, he who constantly brings up Chappaquiddick for no reason anyone can divine and then goes out and racks up a few DUIs himself, is a case in point. Rush Limbaugh is another. I suspect that Michael "Savage" Weiner is yet another, what with his Tinsleyesque harping on alcohol, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. I wouldn't be shocked if Bill O'Reilly is one, too. And of course, there's a certain person I know who really needs to go to treatment before he hurts his family members. Assuming he cares about them.

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