Thursday, December 28, 2006


Annals Of Mean-Spirited Stupidity

If these folks are representative of the sort of folks Mike DeWine had working for him, it's no wonder he lost to Sherrod Brown last month:

The Washington Post described Jessica Cutler as "our blog slut". The National Enquirer opined that she was "beautiful, untalented and morally corrupted". Now the blogger who wrote about her attempts to juggle affairs with six men while keeping a job as an aide to a senator has a new role: as the star defendant in a case that could help define what can and cannot be published in a blog. Writing under the pseudonym Washingtonienne, Cutler described in detail the sexual intricacies of her life on the Hill. The blog, which Cutler claimed was intended to keep her friends up to date on her social life in Washington DC, achieved notoriety, and its author fame and a book contract, after it was brought to a wider public by another blog, Wonkette. Almost immediately, Washingtonienne shut down, but not before millions had read about "X = Married man who pays me for sex", "K = A sugar daddy" and "YZ = The current favourite". But YZ - aka Robert Steinbuch, a legal counsel working for the same senator - objected to the revelations about his private life. While Cutler lost her job with Republican senator Mike DeWine, Mr Steinbuch moved to a teaching post in Arkansas and filed a lawsuit alleging invasion of privacy and seeking $20m (£10.1m) in damages.
Of course, Steinbuch knows full well that Cutler doesn't have $20 million or even $20 thousand to her name. And all he's doing now is ensuring that millions of people worldwide who never read a blog in their lives, much less one that shut down over two years ago, now know what a dirt bag he is (and not just from Cutler's description of him, either):
Mr Steinbuch's attorney, Jonathan Rosen, told a judge in a pre-trial hearing that his client, who teaches in Arkansas, wants to restore his good name. "It's not funny and it's damaging," Mr Rosen said. "It's horrible, absolutely horrible." Cutler's attorney, Matthew Billips, had a different view: "I have no idea what he wants," he said. "He's never said, 'This is what I think should be done.'" The judge, too, seemed bemused by the case. "I don't know why we're here in federal court to begin with," Judge Paul Friedman told attorneys in April. "I don't know why this guy thought it was smart to file a lawsuit and lay out all of his private, intimate details."
I think a clue might be found in the AP's version of the story:
One of those men was Steinbuch, a counsel to DeWine on the Judiciary Committee. Cutler called him the "current favorite" and said he resembled George Clooney, liked spanking and disliked condoms. "He's very upfront about sex," she wrote. "He likes talking dirty and stuff, and he told me that he likes submissive women."
And he apparently doesn't like it when his sex slaves get uppity (or when they have sex with anyone besides him), to judge from his efforts to abuse the discovery process (which Cutler immediately countered with her own discovery demands):
The case is embroiled in thorny pretrial issues, with each side demanding personal information from the other. Steinbuch wants to know how much money Cutler received from the man she called her "sugar daddy." Cutler demanded Steinbuch's student evaluations from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law School, where he teaches.
Where did he get his law degree, Cracker Jack Box University? What. A. Moron. His own lawyer must be laughing his ass off thinking of how much money he's getting from this guy for pursuing the stupidest and most self-injuring legal action imaginable.

You know, I never even realized Jessica Cutler was a Republican.

It is just amazing how sex scandals have become almost a Republican monopoly - why, it's almost as if they don't really believe in the moral family values crap that they spout to get elected.
When a shark turns on a human being, it's a tragedy.

When a shark turns on a shark, it's another day in Republicanville.
I wouldn't care so much if there wasn't the danger that it could be used to shut down legitimate bloggers. But I have a feeling that this is going to be laughed out of court.
Oh, yes: Banned Drunken Guy tried to post another anonymous comment again. He's yet another example of mean-spirited stupidity, poor thing.
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