Sunday, December 31, 2006


The AP Sends a Mixed Message

Associated Press, December 30, 7:22 PM ET: AP poll: Americans optimistic for 2007

An AP-AOL News Poll finds that while most Americans said 2006 was a bad year for the country, three-fourths thought it had been a good one for them and their families.... Looking ahead, optimism reigns. Seventy-two percent of Americans feel good about what 2007 will bring for the country, and an even larger 89 percent are optimistic about the new year for themselves and their families, according to the poll.
Associated Press, December 31, 7:12 AM ET: Poll: Americans see gloom, doom in 2007
Another terrorist attack, a warmer planet, death and destruction from a natural disaster. These are among Americans' grim predictions for the United States in 2007.... There is plenty of gloom to accompany all of that doom.
Yes, both articles are about the same poll: a telephone poll conducted December 12–14 by Ipsos. And the reporters manage to condense that poll into contradictory conclusions. We've seen the news media cherry-picking poll results before, but these twin articles show just how much they can manipulate the facts. Maybe we need to update the old saying: There are lies, damned, lies, and poll results.
Sigh. Why does this not surprise me?
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