Sunday, December 03, 2006


Blogswarming Bogosity: MR Fights Back

One of the reasons that the tighty-righties try to create so many blogs, knowing that most of them won't be read by any entity other than the Google search utility, is precisely so they can clog up Google's searches on any given topic so that the first few pages show nothing but the right-wing's version of events. So it is, apparently, with the AP story of six Sunnis who were doused by Shiites with kerosene and then set on fire as Iraqi police looked on and refused to intervene. The tighty-righties seized on what they claimed were inconsistencies in the story. AP has shown them to be wrong. Quaoar over at DailyKos has the goods. And I'm linking to it here, in the hopes of doing some minor pushback against the tighty-righty blogswarmers.

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