Sunday, December 17, 2006


Can't Stop Lovin' Dat Man

David Brooks' man-crush on Bill Clinton continues apace. My favorite passage from the epistle:

There'll be folks who think she's power-mad, including some still queasy about what she knew and when she knew it when it came to Bill's marital indiscretions.
Why, much the same has been said locally and in DC of would-be GOP Presidential timber Norm "Ignore the blonde behind the curtain" Coleman, R-MN, and his lovely and seldom seen wife. And let's not forget Poppy Bush's warm friendship with Jennifer Fitzgerald, which set Barbara's teeth on edge per Kitty Kelley. (Go pick up a copy of The Family some day. You'll understand how George Walker Bush came by his belief that reality is whatever he says it is. This is a dynasty that rewrites its family tree on a regular basis to 'disappear' unwanted members.) But really, I'm intrigued about David Brooks' apparently firm belief that anyone outside of the small circle of pundits paid to fluff Republicans would think that concealing an affair and lying about it is worse than, say, LYING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE INTO A WAR AND OCCUPATION THAT HAS KILLED THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS AND HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF IRAQIS. But that's just me, I'm sure.

I've been fighting the urge to read Kitty Kelley's book for a long time thinking it was just another gossip tell-all. I think I have been wrong.
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