Friday, December 01, 2006


Dead Enders

John Dean says Rumblings on Capitol Hill suggest that Republicans may literally be "out of control" as the minority party. Many Republicans in Congress are upset that they will lose their perks, and they want to punish the Democrats for winning. In addition, the White House believes its conservative base wants it to make life difficult for the Democrat Congress, so they will assist in doing just that. The word on K Street is also that making life difficult for Congressional Democrats will help Republicans win the White House and Congress in 2008. As one well-connected Republican attorney in Washington told me: "We see a war coming on Capitol Hill." In fact, many Congressional Republicans believe they are better at being opponents than proponents, so they look forward to raising hell. The US is facing serious problems, including the prospect of outright losing two wars, having a major and lasting economic contraction, and having to make major changes in lifestyle because of environmental crises. The dollar is falling, the manufacturing index is contracting, and consumer savings are shallow. Having Republican losers spewing hate and division while trying to prevent the Democrats from keeping people employed and having medical care should be a real winning electoral strategy. Go for it, guys!
The sad thing is it just might work.
It will work to bring down the US as a leading power, shrimplate.

I don't think that was the intent.
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