Sunday, December 03, 2006


Dear reader: We ask that you accept this modest award...

If it has to be said, some of the posters to MercRising have tremendous blogs of their own, and we are indebted for their participation here. Alice Marshall, Avedon, Nezua, shrimplate, somegirl, Steve Gilliard... the list is long, and this only scratches the surface. Today, I would like to recognize Eli's MultiMedium. Don't miss this link from his blog on Susami's underwater mailbox.
Whoa, I almost didn't even notice this. Thanks so much, Charles!
Thanks for the kind words.
I value the community we have built, all of us on so many different blogs, with different viewpoints and interests. It represents an America of friendly conversation, one that used to exist between different viewpoints, but was ravaged by hate radio and right-wing scapegoating. All of you who still practice neighborliness are treasures.
yes, Eli is a most excellent blogger, and i suspect an equally good human being.

and he takes pictures.

and that last thing charles said.
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