Sunday, December 10, 2006


Forgetting About Oaxaca

Davidseth over at DailyKos worries that even the lefties have done so. It's part of our job here to keep that from happening. To that end, I'm putting out the call for URLs for blogs dealing with Oaxaca, so I can put them in our sidebar.

Thanks for this. davidseth
Hey, it is -- quite literally -- the least I could do.

Now to go gather up some blog links!
well, i won't leave it alone. i go away, but i'm reading up on it all the time. i just cant always talk about it. or dont always know what to say. but its a constant interest, as i think my posting shows. if you want to add me, i wouldn't protest for too long. :)
Thanks, Nezua. I'd forgotten your blog URL, so I'm glad you showed up!
Add my blog to your list. I keep an eye on things.
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