Monday, December 25, 2006


Gosh, What a Surprise (2)

Fraud, Katrina contracts could waste $2B

The tally for Hurricane Katrina waste could top $2 billion next year because half of the lucrative government contracts valued at $500,000 or greater for cleanup work are being awarded without little competition. Federal investigators have already determined the Bush administration squandered $1 billion on fraudulent disaster aid to individuals after the 2005 storm. Now they are shifting their attention to the multimillion dollar contracts to politically connected firms that critics have long said are a prime area for abuse.
In response to criticism that too many of the contracts were no-bid and went to and went to companies with connections to the Bush regime, FEMA promised to rebid the contacts. Instead, FEMA extended them — and gave new contracts to the same companies.
Fellow citizens, your government is nothing but a giant ATM that doles out cash to corrupt and incompetent buddies of Bush.

Can we afford two more years of this?

Can we pay off the debt accumulated over the past years of this administration?
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