Sunday, December 10, 2006


Government of the Corporations, by the Corporations, for the Corporations

Bush regime mulls removing lead from list of pollutants

U.S. environmental regulators are considering removing lead, a heavy metal linked to learning problems in children, from a list of regulated pollutants because past rules have greatly reduced levels of the toxin. [...] Now one of the leading emitters of lead pollution is the battery industry. An environmentalist said the EPA was pressured to review the status of lead as a pollutant by industry. "The EPA would be cutting a big sweetheart deal for the lead smelter industry if they revoked the listing," said Frank O'Donnell, president of Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group Clean Air Watch. He said the lead assessment was an example of the EPA subordinating the expertise of agency scientists. [...] In a letter last July to the EPA, industry group the Battery Council International urged the agency to "delete lead from the criteria pollutants."
Words fail me.
My. GOD.

Lead's been known to be toxic for over a century.

Why don't they just allow Union Carbide to dump it in kids' cereal, while they're at it?
New national motto: E Plumbum Unum
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