Wednesday, December 06, 2006



While reading a link thoughtfully provided for us by Atrios, I ran across this passage:

Post owner Rupert Murdoch is a reliable Republican propagandist, but he has a pragmatic streak that sometimes cuts against his politics. Murdoch famously threw a fundraiser for Clinton and bestowed his paper's endorsement upon her for Senate, but the Post's marquee gossip column is unsparing when it comes to the Clintons' personal lives.
I wonder if Murdoch's donated any money to her recently? Anyone who's giving her cash now has got to be doing so in the hopes of fueling her presidential ambitions. And Murdoch probably figures that it's more efficacious to throw a million or two at a disastrous Democratic candidate in the hope that she wins the nomination -- and then goes down to defeat in the general election -- than it is to throw ten million at a Republican presidential candidate.

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