Friday, December 01, 2006


Mexico, December 1st

The cartoonists are going to have a lot of fun with this one: AMY GOODMAN: Early this morning, outgoing Mexican President Vicente Fox transferred power to Calderon in a midnight ceremony at the presidential palace. Then, Calderon addressed the nation. ...On Tuesday, supporters of Lopez Obrador and Calderon began fist-fighting on the floor on Congress. Injured lawmakers had to be carried out of the building. AMY GOODMAN: And can you talk about the reaction to the unprecedented midnight ceremony in the president's residence last night handing over power to Calderon? JOHN GIBLER: Initially, shock and laughter. People -- I was actually somewhere where people were watching a soccer game on television, and immediately the television screen just switched to the national anthem being sung and Fox standing next to Calderon, both of them looking kind of stiff. People had no clue what was happening, and they’ve never seen anything like this in -- there hasn’t been a movement like this in the history of the country. And people pretty much saw it as a gesture of the weakened legitimacy of the transfer of power. It's something out of the USSR. I can see the cartoons. And here's Mussolini, Jr. himself, at the official ceremony: (Image from La Jornada) The real president of Mexico has a new website Meanwhile, back in the pleasant climes of Foxilandia: AMY GOODMAN: And this list that we’re hearing about of about 300 people in Oaxaca, I understand something like 200 leadership of APPO and 100 foreigners. Can you talk about this, a list of people to be apprehended? ... AMY GOODMAN: You say, John, you have evidence that the Mexican government lied about Brad Will’s death? JOHN GIBLER: I have been researching -- I’ve interviewed several people directly connected to the investigation, as well as the doctor who conducted the autopsy, and I’ve gotten a lot of evidence that they’ve lied in multiple cases. Very briefly, I was at the press conference with the state attorney general, where she said that the two bullets that entered Brad Will’s body were both fired point blank. She is now saying that she never said that. But I’ve got not only her quote, but the photograph of the Powerpoint slide. The autopsy doctor himself has said that there were no traces of gunpowder burning in the bullet wounds and that Brad was definitely not shot at point blank range, which was one of the key pieces of evidence that the state attorney general tried to use to say that members of the APPO, that the protesters themselves had shot Brad Will. PRIistas infiltrated the APPO march to get the police to attack APPO. Among those arrested were nine government workers (in Oaxaca, this means they are PRIists) An NGO, the Nayarit Lawyers Forum, says that Oaxacans are being routinely tortured and raped on detention.
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