Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Mexico, December 5th

Lots going on, too little time. Via Simon Fitzgerald, we learn that a director of Oaxaca's APPO movement, Flavio Sosa has been arrested. He, his brother Horacio, Ignacio García and Marcelino Coache have been charged with all the sins of the uprising: robbery, arson, kidnapping, taking over the radio stations, sedition, and incitement to violence. Ironically, Flavio Sosa supported PANista Vicente Fox in the 2000 election. Sociologist Gamael Hernández Ruiz says that Vicente Fox may be guilty of civil crimes arising from violation of the Federal Pact, of failing to hear formal petition, and openly permitting the exclusion of an established government. Not that it's likely to lead to a trial. A fascinating story about the smuggling of ammunition into Mexico by USG employees. includes the following quote from Vartabedian, Serrano, and Marosi in the LAT At least 200 public employees have been charged with helping to move narcotics or illegal immigrants across the U.S.-Mexican border since 2004, at least double the illicit activity documented in prior years, a Times examination of public records has found. Thousands more are under investigation.Criminal charges have been brought against Border Patrol agents, local police, a county sheriff, motor vehicle clerks, an FBI supervisor, immigration examiners, prison guards, school district officials and uniformed personnel of every branch of the U.S. military, among others. The vast majority have pleaded guilty or been convicted.
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