Sunday, December 31, 2006


Mexico, New Year's Eve

(Image by Ahumada at La Jornada) 18 members of APPO were paroled under condition that they not participate in political affairs, leaving 69 people in jail, basically without charges. APPO director Flavio Sosa Villavicencio and his brothers Horacio y Erick are in maximum security prisons. Former APPO spokesman Marcelino Coache and Flavio Sosa's driver Ignacio GarcĂ­a are held in Cosolapa, in Cuenca del Papaloapan. The drug wars rage on. At least seven died in Zacualpan, Guerrero when masked commandos stormed a wedding. Two more people were executed in Michoacan,three in Ecatepec, and a young man was kidnapped from his BMW in Acapulco. Capsaicin has been extracted at large scale from chile poblano, presumably by supercritical fluid chromatography. Eight tons of chile yields 1 kilo of capsaicin, valued at 700,000 dollars. Capsaicin is a useful treatment for heart ailments, lumbar pain, ulcers, and for the prevention of the ill effects of diabetes. Or, you could just eat a burrito a day.
Mexico, Mexico. The reporting on you in the US is even more of a crime than how the US press treats Venezuela.

How well does capsaicin hold up over time? I'm asking this because about six months ago, I strung about three dozen red and green Cayenne chiles together to dry on the side of my refrigerator, rather than rot unused in the fridge (we like chiles, but use them sparingly).
Chiles and capsaicin: if they're hot, they've got.
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