Saturday, December 30, 2006


My sister, NOLA.

Laura Flanders did an excellent program on New Orleans and especially on efforts by Common Ground and by Curtis Mohammed to rebuild it. Bill Quigley has a good description of where things stand: New Orleans is in the worst affordable housing crisis since the Civil War. Tens of thousands of houses still remain in ruins after Katrina. Rents for the rest have gone up 70-80 percent since Katrina. Even before Katrina, there was a waiting list of 18,000 families seeking to get into public housing. Now it is much, much worse. HUD's demolition plans target 4,534 apartments of public housing in the community. They plan to demolish 1546 apartments in BW Cooper, 723 in C.J. Peete, 1400 in St. Bernard, and 865 in Lafitte. These are not the dense high-rise towers. Public housing in New Orleans is made up of development clusters of mostly two and three story buildings with six to eight apartments in each.... HUD initially said they had to demolish because the buildings were so damaged they were dangerous to the residents.That was not true.John Fernandez, an Associate Professor of Architecture at MIT, inspected 140 of these apartments and concluded in papers filed in court that "no structural or nonstructural damage was found that could reasonably warrant any cost-effective building demolition The government is not helping. The Red Cross is not helping. My advice is to contact Common Ground.
We know it's ethnic cleansing. Keep the rabble from returning to Nawlins by making sure they have nowhere to live.

And the truly sick thing is that if the levees aren't fixed and the wetlands that buffered New Orleans aren't restored, it will happen again -- except this time it we'll be seeing white people fleeing the upscale condos that are currently planned for the Ninth Ward.
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