Thursday, December 07, 2006


Our (Not At All) Liberal Media

Remember the first few months of 2001, when the US media, ever so quick to recite from the talking points sent to them by the Republican Party, was all over Those Nasty Democrats Who Trashed The White House Before They Left It? Between that and accusing Gary Condit of murder even though there was no proof or reason for them to do so, the GOP/Media Complex seemingly talked of almost nothing else, at least not with the ferocious intensity that they gave those two non-stories. And remember how, on further examination, the "outgoing Clinton staffers trashed the White House" stories turned out to be utterly bogus? Fast-forward six years. The outgoing Republican Congress is flatly refusing to do any work on any of the must-pass legislation they've allowed to pile up over the past couple of years. This includes the Federal budget for Fiscal Year 2007 -- even though FY '07 started over two months ago. (Back before the Republicans took over, the Democratic Congresses got budgets done and signed well before the start of each fiscal year. But ever since the Republicans took over in 1994, they've played a yearly game of budgetary chicken with the Democrats and with Bill Clinton when he was in the White House. What was that again about 'fiscal responsibility'?) And of course, the same media that beat up the Democrats 24/7 for months and months over bogus GOP stories of "White House trashings" has not a single word of criticism for the outgoing Republican Congress' mean-spirited petty legislative trashings.

For the life of me I do not get how the Republicans have to this day maintained the mythology that they are the party of fiscal responsibility.

Saint Ronnie had the world record for busted budgets; that is, until Bush the Youngerer wrought his pillage on our economy.

I guess I need to remind myself that war is peace, up is down, debts are profits, and the media is run by liberal elites.
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