Saturday, December 09, 2006


Overdue Friday Cat Blogging

Sorry I'm late. My sister arrived yesterday for a visit, and the cats were busy. Lightfoot snoopervised her. And Alex showed her how to kill a catnip toy.

Ha! Cat toys aren't killed until their innards are strewn out over the living room, their little eyes dangling from their sockets, their mouths a tangled mush.

The great thing about catnip toys is that cats forget about what they're doing in the middle of it all, and lay down for a snooze. Or dart out the door as if the devil were at their heels.
Heh! You think catnip's powerful, try bonito. Cats will drop their catnip toys to go after bonito.

I'm giving bonito to a rellie's cat for Christmas. :-)
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