Thursday, December 28, 2006


Reading Between the Lines

Bush taking more time to craft Iraq plan

President Bush worked nearly three hours at his Texas ranch on Thursday to design a new U.S. policy in Iraq, then emerged to say that he and his advisers need more time to craft the plan he'll announce in the new year. [...] "We've got more consultation to do until I talk to the country about the plan," Bush said, appearing outside an office building at his ranch.
Translation: He's going to keep "consulting" with different people until he hears what he wants to hear, then he'll do what he was going to do anyway. I'm not cynical, just experienced. (Oh, and worked nearly three hours? Are you as impressed as I am? No, not impressed that Bush is working as hard as he's ever worked in his life. Impressed that some reporter wrote that apparently in all seriousness, without the computer wiping its own hard drive in disgust.)
Words fail me.
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