Friday, December 08, 2006


What The (Not-At-All Liberal) US Media Aren't Telling You About The ISG Report

It turns out that while the members of the Iraq Study Group were picked with a view to avoid being too harsh on Bush and his minions (for instance, no actual experts on Iraq were picked, nor was anyone who had opposed the war from the beginning), the ISG couldn’t avoid coming to some pretty harsh conclusions.

But even though the ISG couldn’t avoid certain conclusions, the US media certainly avoided telling us about them:

Summary: Media Matters for America has identified six findings in the Iraq Study Group’s report that major news outlets have largely overlooked. They include: that the Pentagon has significantly underreported the extent of violence in Iraq, that U.S. officials possess little knowledge about the sources of the ongoing attacks, and that the situation in Afghanistan has grown so dire that U.S. troops may need to be diverted there from Iraq.

In the 24 hours following the release of the Iraq Study Group report, the media reported widely on its recommendations for a new “way forward” in Iraq, held numerous discussions regarding its rebuke of President Bush’s handling of the conflict, and interviewed the commissioners at length. But even with the extensive attention, major news outlets have largely overlooked numerous significant disclosures in the 100-page report.

Media Matters for America has identified six such findings. While most of the outlets included in this survey covered some of these disclosures while omitting others, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, and Fox News failed to report on any of the six.

But of course, that won't stop the True Believers from screeching the propaganda they've spent decades imbibing.

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It is not the primary webmail I use but if you send an address I will reply by my regularly read but more private account. I enjoy your attempt to keep the reader commentary at BQ balanced. It seems you share a frustration I have:

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