Sunday, December 03, 2006


Yes, Let's Talk About Media Figures Shilling For Politicians!

Seems that the NYT is oh-so-up-in-arms about this. As they weren't up in arms about William Safire, Judith Miller, David Brooks, John Tierney, or Jeff Gerth, to name five of them off the top of my head. Let's focus on that last one for a moment. Unlike Judith Miller -- who the NYT finally got rid of about five years too late when they had no other choice in the matter -- Jeff Gerth is still employed at America's Paper of Record, after being the paper's prime mover of not one, but two bogus Republican-pimped scandals: Whitewater and Wen Ho Lee. A nice synopsis of the Whitewater reportage timeline -- and a reference to some of Gerth's previous Arkansas-related stories -- can be found here. Further mention of Gerth's Arkansas connections -- including his longtime friendship with Arkansas Republican Sheffield Nelson, Bill Clinton's bitterest foe outside of the notorious racist "Justice Jim" Johnson -- can be found here.

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