Friday, January 05, 2007


Attack of the Giant Broccoli or Kudzu on the Usk

Attack of the Giant Broccoli or Kudzu on the Usk (Image from BBC Our correspondent in Wales reports that Environment Agency Wales said giant hogweed was causing increasing problems for landowners, walkers and fishermen. As well as damaging the environment, hogweed is poisonous, and its sap can cause blisters which are sensitive to sunlight....The hogweed is mainly found between Crickhowell and Newbridge-on-Usk but some is also found close to the mouth of the river in Usk. The plant is a native of the Caucasus Mountains between Russia and Turkey and was originally introduced in Britain as an ornamental plant in the late 19th Century. The perennial plant can grow up to five metres tall with leaves reaching one metre across. Each plant can produce more than 50,000 seeds every year, which can remain viable for 15 years." We just have crabgrass.
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