Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Bloggers Left And Right

A Kos diarist today noted the relative ineffectualness of the right-wing blogs when it came to political organizing and setting policy. Liberal/progressive/reality-based bloggers organized themselves into a movement and got their candidates (such as Montana's new Senator, Jon Tester) elected this year. Right-wing bloggers couldn't even save Lincoln Chafee's butt, much less stem the Democratic wave. But then again, faulting right-wing blogs for not being able to affect the inner workings of the GOP is like faulting a megaphone for not being able to affect what its user says. Right-wing blogs, like everything else in the right-wing movement, are organized along authoritarian, top-down lines. They are either lone-wolf outfits, recognizing no authority but their own (the self- "libertarians"), or they parrot whatever talking points are sent their way by Drudge or Rush or (in the case of particularly well-connected righty bloggers) the RNC. Right-wing blogs do not exist to change conservative/Republican policy, but to broadcast it.

Reality is always more believable than a lie repeated a hundred times.

That's why the propaganda machine has to absolutely saturate the political landscape. If there is even a breath of truth, it wafts in under the door, it slips through the cracks in the mortar, it whispers down the chimney. It is owned by no one, but serves the one who loves it best.
That's exactly it. And it's why the propagandists must work much, much harder than the truth-tellers to achieve their ends. The problem for the propagandists is when they lose sight of reality altogether.
"The problem for the propagandists is when they lose sight of reality altogether."

With this crowd, it's questionable whether they ever had sight of reality in the first place.
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