Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The Continuing Trashing Of Katrina Victims

The same racist conservative bozos that were and still are passing around the "New Orleans had thousands of working school buses and refused to use them" bullcrap (debunked here and here) are now passing around a new e-mail intended to slag Katrina victims. Its first iteration concerned a snowfall in North Dakota that the e-mailer falsely claimed didn't cause the locals to ask for government help (see, because in the white wingnut mythology, the only people that ask for gummint he'p are spineless LIE-berals and Knee-Grows; never mind that the racist Red States are the biggest welfare queens of them all). The later version was tailored to say similar nonsense about how the good (white) citizens of Colorado didn't go begging the Feds for help after their big snowfalls. (Never mind that nobody in either North Dakota or Colorado was rendered homeless by the snowfalls in question, whereas nearly two thousand people died and hundreds of thousands were left homeless by Katrina. White people's suffering always counts for more than black people's in the wingnut calculus.)

The fact of the matter is that both stories are utterly false:

Damn, wrong link!

Here's the Snopes debunking of the blizzard story:

But when all that snow *melts*, they're going to be in big, big trouble...
MNObserver: That's exactly it. I mentioned that they were indeed false -- the local officials in both areas called the Federal government for help, and got it.

Eli: It's probably half-melted in Colorado (if not North Dakota) already; Colorado may have high mountain peaks, but it's at a latitude where they can have toasty-warm days even in winter. And in North Dakota, they could use the moisture -- they've been under a drought for pretty much most of the the time Bush has been in office.
According to a Denver resident in Table Talk, the snow in Denver is melting; but the road drains are clogged with snow because there's so much snow there's no place to move it to, so the water can't drain away. It fills the roadway, then refreezes at night. It's a mess.
I've half-jokingly suggested to some Denver friends of mine that they quit hogging all the damned snow -- we could use some here!

Denver gets really interesting weather. If you go in, say, October, it can literally be 80F one day, snow ten inches the next, and be 80F again the day after that.
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