Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Doing The Right Thing Is Also Doing The Politically Smart Thing

John Edwards has figured this out. That's why he's hired David Bonior to be his campaign manager for the 2008 presidential race. And that's why Bonior sent out this missive today to the Edwards mailing list:

This weekend, President Bush claimed on national TV that Congress does not have the power to stop his proposed escalation of the war in Iraq.1 That's bull. I served in Congress for 26 years, and I can assure you that Congress does have the power to stop this escalation -- and it has used that power many times before, including in Vietnam, Lebanon, Nicaragua and Colombia. The test for today's Congress is simple: will they step up to the plate and use their power to stop the president from escalating the war? I can tell you one thing -- they're only going to do that if they hear from you. That's why we're going to run a full-page ad in Roll Call -- the newspaper all of Congress reads -- with John Edwards' petition against the escalation, listing the tens of thousands of us who have signed it. The petition demands that this Congress use its power of the purse to stop this president from escalating the war in Iraq -- and that's what we're going to put in the ad. Can you pitch in $25 or more to help get this critical ad in front of Congress A.S.A.P. and support our grassroots campaign? As I write this, both houses of Congress are considering how to respond to Bush's plan. Some are calling for symbolic statements that do nothing to stop the escalation. If you hear a member of Congress say "non-binding resolution," then you're really hearing them say "pass the buck." Others -- like John Edwards -- are calling on Congress to stand up and take responsibility by using its power to prevent this war from getting any worse. And some members of Congress are waiting for -- well, we don't know what they're waiting for. It's time to speak up. And it's up to us to let Congress know where the American people stand. Your contribution -- of any amount you can afford -- will help us rush this ad into production and get it on the desk of every member of Congress and their staff before they make this historic decision. And your contribution will help keep this grassroots campaign for change going strong in these critical early months. Please chip in to help stop this escalation today. It's an honor for me to work alongside so many dedicated folks like you who aren't willing to wait to make this country a better place. Together, I know we'll accomplish great things. David Bonior Campaign Manager John Edwards for President P.S. - If you haven't yet signed the petition calling on Congress to block the escalation, click here. And please forward this email to your friends and family, and ask them to join you in speaking out. Sources: 1. "Bush: Congress Can't Stop Surge," U.S. News and World Report Political Bulletin, January 15, 2007 (Link)
Looks like Bonior's helping Edwards try on the Drum Major outfit. UPDATE: And Lynn Woolsey in the House makes a nice Drum Majorette.

Thank God someone is willing to call out the Bidens of this world. I got so angry at Lawrence O'Donnell, interviewing some guy named Peret on the Al Franken Show, said there was nothing Congress could do about the war. How many people, I wonder, heard that and gave up hope about our democracy?

If there's nothing Congress can do, it's time to start forming militias, because when Congress is powerless, it's monarchy and not a republic.
Don't read Walter Shapiro's piece in today, then. He's essentially whining that it can't be done, so crippled by cynical laziness is he. (He's also whining about being a failed Congressional candidate from three decades ago, which might be the real basis of his article.) If he really thinks stopping the surge is important, he should be agitating like mad to stop it, instead of wallowing in comfy cynicism.
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