Monday, January 08, 2007


Fascism Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning

Chris Bowers Hedges warns that the US is poised, through both conservative control of the media and other institutions and the signs of a coming economic crash, to become a neo-theocratic dictatorship along the lines of Iran, Nazi Germany or the fictional (for now) Republic of Gilead -- and he's afraid that there aren't enough non-corporate-enslaved Democrats to stop it. Help prove him wrong, why don't you? Go to Public Campaign and work to make money far less of a factor in elections.

[Charles says: Chris Hedges is a New York Times reporter and war correspondent who has understood through his Christian faith that war as a kind of pornography. His statement will resonate through the elite institutions in a manner that Chris Bowers cannot achieve. ] [PW thanks Charles for stepping in and fixing her typo. :-) She also wants to note that she respects Chris Hedges' work a great deal and wants to "prove him wrong" for our own good, not to sit and yell nyah-nyah at him.]

I want to prove him wrong, too, PW.

We sometimes forget that this country descended to the depths of Harding and Coolidge before soaring to the heights of FDR, crashed to the depths of McCarthy before climbing out to achieve Civil Rights/Voting Rights/Medicare.

We can rise again, even to heights above those ever achieved, if the people wish it to be so.
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