Friday, January 12, 2007


The Fatal Flaw

I'm listening to a rerun of Condoleezza Rice's testimony to Congress about Bush's "new" plan to turn Iraq from a quagmire to a garden of democracy. She just explained that the strategy that failed the last time will work this time because this time the Iraqi government has committed to providing enough troops to hold the areas that the U.S. troops clear of insurgents and terrorists. Um.... (1) Didn't they promise that the last time? And what are the odds that the problems that have been plaguing the Iraqi armed forces will continue to be problems, and the Iraqi armed forces still won't be able to do their part of the job? (2) What are the odds that the new military campaign will be a terrific recruiting tool for the insurgents, and "clearing out the neighborhoods" will just create more opposition in their neighborhoods? Because seriously, Secretary Rice sounds like she thinks the military will be dealing with a static number of enemies, and once they're gotten rid of there won't be anybody to take their place. I am more convinced than ever that this "new" plan will be as spectacularly disastrous as the original invasion has been.

Didn't they promise that the last time?

Never underestimate the power of the pinky swear.
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