Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Good News Under The Surface

A few good things have already happened as a result of the incoming Democratic Congress. Four of Bush's most vile and controversial judicial nominees have had their nominations quietly withdrawn by Bush rather than face Senate confirmation hearings. And this was forwarded to me this morning:

House votes to grant TSA screeners bargaining rights By Karen Rutzick The House passed a bill Tuesday that contains language granting 56,000 baggage screeners in the Transportation Security Administration the right to bargain collectively. The provision is folded into Democrats' broader bill to enact leftover recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. It would repeal an authority granted in the 2001 Aviation and Transportation Security Act giving the TSA chief the ability to reject collective bargaining. Then-TSA Administrator James Loy exercised that authority in 2003, prohibiting collective bargaining because of screeners' role in national security.
Little by little, we are seeing the unfolding of the Democratic Spring after the long Republican Winter. Let's work to keep it going.

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