Sunday, January 07, 2007


How Bush And His Minions Hide Things We Need To Know

In keeping with their longstanding practice of making secret things that were public information under the tenure of previous White House occupants -- everything from casualty records to accurate labor statistics -- the Bush people have placed the White House visitor records out of reach of the taxpayer public. Just imagine the howls of outrage we'd be hearing from the GOP/Media Complex if Clinton had tried this. (Remember, the wingies insisted taking the Secret Service logs and making them public when Clinton was in office, just to try and get into Monica Lewinsky's underwear.) It would be leading every evening TV newscast and grace the front pages of every major US paper. Instead, Bush did it, so you have to find out about it from a blog. This ties in with the Bush Junta's longstanding hatred of Sandy Berger, and their efforts to persecute him for copying documents that should never have been classified in the first place, and for things that Republicans and Bush allies have got off scot-free.

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