Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I Am Soooo Glad She's Not My Congresswoman

Minnesota's very own answer to Katherine Harris shows that when it comes to schoolgirl crushes on sons of Poppy, Cruella DeVil has nothing on the pint-sized princess from the Sixth Congressional District. And kudos to Holden and Hesiod over in the comments thread for this Eschaton post for digging up various other of Michele's Greatest Hits, including this: All you scientists are wrong! Global warming's a myth! Serious students of nuttiness are strongly urged to check out the landmark CityPages article on her, especially the sidebar. Too bad that the rest of the local media was too cowardly to talk about any of this until CP did it first. (Of course, the reticence on the part of the StarTribune has nothing, nothing to do with the fact that conservative Republican D.J. Tice, who used to edit the Twin Cities Reader, runs the Strib's political newsroom. Right?)

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