Monday, January 08, 2007


Joe Klein, Lying Scumbag

The Gutless Slandering Coward Behind Primary Colors is embarrassing himself in public again. I'd call Joe a 'ho, but that's insulting to honest members of the sex-worker profession. Listen, Klein, you gave up your right to be taken seriously when you started pimping that piece-of-crap novel of yours as an anonymous and true exposé of the Clinton Administration when in fact its central theme -- that the Clinton stand-in had fathered a child by an underage black hooker -- was an utterly bogus slander straight out of the Arkansas GOP's brain trust, whose collective genitalia you metaphorically fellated. Remember that, everyone, the next time you see ANYTHING by Joe-Effing-Klein in print. He's a gutless idiot who wanted to slander a President and not pay a price for it. (And he hasn't, not at all. Which tells you all you need to know about our allegedly "liberal" media.)

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