Sunday, January 07, 2007


The Judgment of History

When asked by Bob Woodward how he thought history would judge the Iraq war, Bush replied, "History, we won't know. We'll all be dead." The American History Association has proved Bush is wrong once again. At the annual Business Meeting, historians approved an unprecedented anti-war resolution.

Whereas the American Historical Association’s Professional Standards emphasize the importance of open inquiry to the pursuit of historical knowledge; Whereas the American Historical Association adopted a resolution in January 2004 re-affirming the principles of free speech, open debate of foreign policy, and open access to government records in furthering the work of the historical profession; Whereas during the war in Iraq and the so-called war on terror, the current Administration has violated the above-mentioned standards and principles through the following practices:
  • excluding well-recognized foreign scholars;
  • condemning as “revisionism” the search for truth about pre-war intelligence;
  • re-classifying previously unclassified government documents;
  • suspending in certain cases the centuries-old writ of habeas corpus and substituting indefinite administrative detention without specified criminal charges or access to a court of law;
  • using interrogation techniques at Guantanamo, Abu-Ghraib, Bagram, and other locations incompatible with respect for the dignity of all persons required by a civilized society;
  • Whereas a free society and the unfettered intellectual inquiry essential to the practice of historical research, writing, and teaching are imperiled by the prctices described above; and
Whereas, the foregoing practives are inextricably linked to the war in which the United States is presently engaged in Iraq; now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the American Historical Association urges its members through publication of this resolution in Perspectives and other appropriate outlets: 1. To take a public stand as citizens on behalf of the values necessary to the practice of our profession; and 2. To do whatever they can to bring the Iraq war to a speedy conclusion.

"We'll all be dead."

Bush means this literally. His foulness and hatred for history; indeed, his contempt for the future is quite evident here.

He wishes the destruction of the human race, if not organic life itself. Life is religiously repugnant to him. He's an "end-times" kind of guy.

He does not believe in the future.

That's why he's such a lousy politician. For him, history is something to be manipulated to his own advantage in the here-and-now. He thinks he makes his own version of history.
Attention Comrades!
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