Saturday, January 06, 2007


Mexico, January 6, 2007

A quick flyby. A senior PRD official, Salvador Sierra Márquez, was assassinated by two or more shots to the head Wire services report U.S. National Guard troops at an observation post near the Mexico border were forced to flee from a group of armed people, who later ran into Mexico, authorities said.The troops, who are not allowed to apprehend illegal border crossers, withdrew safely John Gibler in Mexico News Covering their faces in order to be seen The Chiapas-based rebels open an autonomous village to international visitors By John Gibler/Special to The Herald Mexico El Universal Jueves 04 de enero de 2007 OVENTIC, Chis. - They had to cover their faces to be seen. This was the explanation for why thousands of indigenous rebels continued to wear black ski masks long after the gun battles stopped and talks with the government began 13 years ago. And the same remains true today.In a country with 12 million indigenous inhabitants, most remain invisible to the world beyond their villages.Few Mexicans and non-Mexicans alike can name more than a handful of the 62 distinct indigenous languages spoken throughout Mexico.But almost everyone knows about the Zapatistas. ...In the four years of operating in Good Government Councils, Zapatistas have opened schools in every village and regional center, health clinics, women´s artesan cooperatives, and organic coffee cooperatives.
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