Sunday, January 07, 2007


Much Of A Muchness

In no particular order of importance: -- Atrios informs us that Maria Leavey has passed away. I'd never heard of the lady, but her story is both heartening and heartbreaking. Heartening, because it shows that even a person of modest means can be a mover and a shaker. Heartbreaking, because, if she'd had a small fraction of the cash that far-less-useful DC operatives get (yeah, Jimmy C., I'm lookin' at you), she'd still be with us today. -- Spocko v. The Eliminationists has kicked it up a notch. People who want to help out by hosting/linking to the audio clips are invited to go here, here, and here for three mirror sites. RSS-competent people can go here for an iTunes RSS feed. Those two things show the power of the people pitted against the power of Money. So, in a way, does this: Pelosi tells Bush what he can do with his "surge".

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