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When Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, announced that he would be using a Koran in his private swearing-in ceremony, Virgil Goode (R-VA) saw it as a brilliant opportunity for immigrant-bashing and hatemongering. Eventually the Dishonorable Mr. Goode is going to realize he should have stayed out of it. The Honorable Mr. Ellison doesn't just have the Constitution on his side. He's made one of our most admired Founding Fathers his ally. The copy of the Koran upon which Mr. Ellison will take his oath of office was originally owned by Thomas Jefferson. President Jefferson was born in Albermarle County, Virginia, the very place where Mr. Goode's district is located.

And this is why I love Keith Ellison to bits.

About the only comeback Goode could even attempt to make would be to bash Jefferson as a slave owner -- which, considering that one of the reason's Goode's attacking Ellison is because he figures that he can have carte blanche to race-bait a black man under the pretext of "fighting Islamic terror", will just have the people he's trying to target shaking their heads in confusion.
timo here from gilly's

our founding fathers are rolling in their graves since the SECULAR republic, based on HUMAN LAWS and not on RELIGIUOS DOGMA, is being usurped by people with 16th century mindset.

I just loved this story.

Maybe we need *more* Muslim Democrats...
It's just so elegant. And it shows us all who the real American is here.

I wonder if Goode swears on a bible once owned by David Duke?
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