Friday, January 12, 2007


Poll: Democrats Up, Bush Down

In a poll taken before Bush's speech about his "new" plan for Iraq:

Public approval of Congress has edged up a bit now that Democrats are back in control.... Approval for the way Congress is handling its job rose to 32 percent in the latest AP-Ipsos poll, up from a meager 27 percent a month earlier. That puts Congress on par with President Bush, whose 32 percent approval rating represents a new low for him in AP-Ipsos polling. [...] The softening of attitudes toward Congress suggests legislators may have an opportunity to improve their standing in the new year, but there appears to be little opening for Bush to move up similarly, public opinion experts believe.
The interesting thing about this article is that it says outright that Bush's approval rating is "basically hopeless". Have the news media finally rid themselves of the delusion that there's a pony somewhere in that pile of manure?
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